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Written by Teal Cooper

People are always asking what we can do to conserve our energy and avoid the emission of carbon dioxideA German owned company, IMO , have possibly found an answer. They have set up a plant in the USA that will make the largest solar tracker solar panels to tap solar energy. IMO is looking forward to commercially sell these solar tracker solar panels. Despite being huge in size, they are very easy to assemble and one can assemble them just outside the building where they are to be installed.

With the solar tracker solar panels, IMO will not need 42,000 kilowatts of power, which is equal to the power needed by almost four households on an annual basis. It also saves the environment by the same extent as it would if 6,700 more trees are planted.  With these facts it is apparent that the solar tracker solar panels would be extremely beneficial to our environment.

The machine that can be used for 25 years cost between $100,000 and $200,000. I know this is an extremely costly number but if the government can help pay and install these panels in every state, the difference could be unimaginable.

I think if people took a risk and tried this it could be a great way to help save our environment. IMO is hopeful that USA will embrace this source of energy because with its help, you can avoid the emission of carbon dioxide by 87,000 pounds that pollutes the air on an early basis.

Do you think the installation of these plants could make a difference on our environment? How do you think we can help install these all over America, do you think it is even possible?  If not what other innovations can you think of that will have the same impact?


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