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Here is a great article from Treehugger (A Discovery Company) about a huge innovation in clean tech engineering. I have re-posted the entire article below, but if you would prefer to read the original – click here.

For decades, cleantech has engaged in a slogging uphill battle. Renewable energy, arguably the most disruptive technology in the marketplace, poses a clear threat to status quo fossil fuels industries that supply us with the vast majority of our power. As such, the oil, gas and coal industries have worked hard to paint clean energy as a silly hippie daydream. They have funded skeptical think tanks and used their resources to influence and appeal to conservative politicians and opinionators.

As a result, conventional wisdom in U.S. popular culture says clean energy is still a pipe dream. Wind and solar “aren’t there yet”, electric cars are weird and unreliable, and without coal, gas and oil, why, the lights would up and go off in much of the country! None of that is true, of course, but the American public has been inculcated to believe such boilerplate after years of naysaying ‘industry leaders’ and dismissive op-eds and so on. Which is why, when something like Solyndra happens, the sufficiently indoctrinated press eats it up and affirms its biases.

I know, I know, you saw the headline, and were promised cool solar airplane footage. But all of the above is why a stunt like the one depicted in this short video below is so important. Headline-making stunts, like launching a solar-powered plane that can fly even at night, showcase the latent power of clean energy can break through all that saturated dogma and rearrange prejudices more powerfully than a hundred pro-oil talking heads on Fox News.

The Solar Impulse is an experimental jet that will attempt to fly around the world, nonstop, with 100% solar power, in 2014. The good folks at Motherboard put together a nice documentary about the project. Check it out!


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Written by Teal Cooper

People are always asking what we can do to conserve our energy and avoid the emission of carbon dioxideA German owned company, IMO , have possibly found an answer. They have set up a plant in the USA that will make the largest solar tracker solar panels to tap solar energy. IMO is looking forward to commercially sell these solar tracker solar panels. Despite being huge in size, they are very easy to assemble and one can assemble them just outside the building where they are to be installed.

With the solar tracker solar panels, IMO will not need 42,000 kilowatts of power, which is equal to the power needed by almost four households on an annual basis. It also saves the environment by the same extent as it would if 6,700 more trees are planted.  With these facts it is apparent that the solar tracker solar panels would be extremely beneficial to our environment.

The machine that can be used for 25 years cost between $100,000 and $200,000. I know this is an extremely costly number but if the government can help pay and install these panels in every state, the difference could be unimaginable.

I think if people took a risk and tried this it could be a great way to help save our environment. IMO is hopeful that USA will embrace this source of energy because with its help, you can avoid the emission of carbon dioxide by 87,000 pounds that pollutes the air on an early basis.

Do you think the installation of these plants could make a difference on our environment? How do you think we can help install these all over America, do you think it is even possible?  If not what other innovations can you think of that will have the same impact?

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